Kid’s View: Surf Camp

The week I went to surf camp with Dave Alexander was magical. On the second day I really stood up! Dave Alexander and all of the instructors were being very patient with me. Then, once, an instructor pushed me into a wave and I decided that I was going
to stand up on my board no matter what. Finding my balance, I crawled into a standing position, and rode the wave as long as I could before jumping off. It was the best feeling. That feeling kept making me paddle out to an instructor and trying my best to
stand up every time.

Annika, age 10, Moss Beach

Surf Camp
Hi, my name is Ally and I’m taking Surf Camp. As soon as I got to Surfer’s Beach on my second day there I realized I would be getting photographed. So when it was my turn to go surfing I got a surfboard then I got in the water. Once I was up to a staff member I got on my board, then I was turned around he pushed me toward the beach and told me STAND UP! STAND UP! After that I did it again. But on my third time he told me to take the band off my ankle then he took me out again and told me to stand up. But this time I did stand up and rode the wave in. After that I had lunch. When I was surfing my last wave it was fun… but scary.

Alexandra, age 8, Montara

I really enjoyed surf camp because I was able to express myself on the surf board. On my first time standing up, Alex (the surf instructor) pushed me into a great wave and I actually stood up! I was so proud of myself. I didn’t feel that the water was
cold anymore! I have learned to enjoy surfing.

Petra, age 10, Montara

Surfing is really hard–but now I love to surf! My favorite moment was on Wednesday when I stood up and rode the wave all the way to the beach and voluntarily jumped off the board for the first time.

After one week of being out in the ocean I was amazed by how different the water could be. On Monday the waves were small and the water cold but on Friday the waves were large and the water several degrees warmer (at least that’s what it felt like). Also, I noticed how the water varied between blues and greens, sometimes mixing them together.

My favorite thing about surf camp is that every wave is a new experience and with every fall you learn a little more about staying on your board.

Elizabeth, 10, Montara


Photographs by Darin Boville

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