Road Closed: Caltrans at Work

Barry Parr (of Coastsider) and I went up on the Slide (again!) in 2006 to investigate what Caltrans was doing up there. (There had been rumors about Caltrans only pretending to work–more of the “punish the coast” theory–and some citizens were strongly urging Caltrans to open one lane during the work with the idea that they could move their gear to one side during rush hour commute times and only close the Slide during the slower hours.)

What we found was a beehive of activity and a large crane that clearly couldn’t be moved out of the way.

That aside, we found it an interesting look a major construction site–something we don’t get to do every day–hosted by Caltrans geologist Grant Wilcox. And did I mention the views?

Road Closed, a series of videos looking back at the Devil’s Slide closure of 2006, will appear every Monday and Thursday from today until Thursday, August 2nd. This, the fifth installment of the series, appeared last year in Coastsider.

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Video by Darin Boville

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