Neil Merrilees: In the middle

The politics of the coast are polarized around the issue of development and tend to get even more polarized as we near election time.

Are you for or against? Is the League for Coastside Protection a star chamber for the Montara Mafia or the only and last true hope to prevent the Malibuization of our neighborhoods? Is Coastside Community First a front for greedy developers intent on destroying all that is good and noble or a magnet for people and ideas concerned about creating a better future for ourselves and for our children?

There’s not a lot of middle ground here, folks.

And then there is Neil. In February of this year Neil filmed this first installment of his video column, Right Here In the Middle. In it he tries to make the case for a bit of new thinking–watch and let us know what you think.



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Video by Darin Boville.

First published on Coastsider

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