The Alta-Vista Well

Reader Bill Serra attended the commissioning ceremony of the new well in Montara, up the hill past the end of Alta Vista Road, and sent in ten photos and two videos for those of us (like me) who couldn’t attend.

The Alta-Vista well is nearing the end of the many hurdles it needs to surmount in order to become a fully-functioning and trusted source of water for Montara and Moss Beach. It’s a big deal because it marks a major achievement on the part of the Montara Water and Sanitary District in updating the water system and finding additional water. The citizens of Montara and Moss Beach purchased the water system from a German industrial firm four years ago because, among other reasons, the citizens felt that the owner wasn’t making the needed investments in infrastructure.

Political opponents of the MWSD board members (who, by and large, don’t live in the area served by MWSD), who for years have complained about the lack of new water, have been now reduced to posting mumbled comments about the timing of the announcement, so close to election day.

Thanks again to Bill Serra for the photos and videos. Reader submissions are most welcome here are Montara Fog.

Click here to view Bill’s gallery of Alta-Vista images.

Click to view Flash video

Click to view Flash video


Photos and videos by Bill Serra

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