Coastside Fire: Ninth Member Appointed; Recall Threatened

The now-consolidated Fire Board had a board meeting earlier this week.

As you will recall from the last installment of this never-ending mini-series, the Half Moon Bay Fire Board was having an election and the Point Montara folks were having their own election and then once those were over the boards would merge–making a total of eight board members.

Not good due to the possibility of even splits.

So one of their first actions as the newly consolidated board was to select a ninth board member. (All of this is prepatory to shrinking to five board members.)

If you are getting dizzy please sit down.

So, backing up a bit. The election in Half Moon Bay was a close one in the third place slot. Last I checked Gregg Hosfeldt, a pro-Local 2400 Union candidate had moved ahead of Bert Silva, a pro-CalFire candidate, in after-election-day counting.

So there’s that.

The Board then chose a new member generally considered to be pro-CalFire (which is to say, opposed the desires of Local 2400). That would make the final board, once the new members are all seated, five pro-CalFire and four pro-Local 2400.

Things seem to be getting clearer now, at least.

Vince Williams, a candidate for the Pt. Montara race, was at the meeting and was kind enough to record portions of it for Montara Fog.

NOTE: These are AUDIO recordings. There is no video portion.

The Local 2400 guys knew what was coming. Here are two of their representatives, speaking before the interviews and the vote:

Local 2400 Representative Tony Slimick (Speaking in the open comment period)

Local 2400 Representative Alan Davis (The attorney for Local 2400, speaking in the open comment period)

And here are the interviews with the candidates for the ninth Board position:

Board interview of Matt Conners

Board interview of J.B. Cockrell (later appointed to the Board)

Board interview of Michael Gaynes

And finally, here is Tony Slimick (again), Union Representative of Local 2400, responding to the interview process and threatening a recall election:

Local 2400 Representative Tony Slimick


Audio recordings kindly provided by Vince Williams

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