George Muteff: Losing His Appeal

If you look at it one way it was very strange. A local activist and sometime candidate for office who has been one of the most persistent and loudest voices condemning those who file appeals with the Coastal Commission–was at the Coastal Commission to support his own appeal.

George Muteff filed the appeal critical of the plans for the development of what is called the Carnoustie subdivison. (The coastside is, unfortunately, one of those rare places in the country where the names of undeveloped land are household words.)

George says that the road they want to drive their big trucks down is too narrow. Trucks will have to go off-road to pass other trucks. Beach-goers will be endangered. Passenger vehicles will be endangered. Bad things will happen.

He wants the road widened and improved.

Which leads us to what is, at the very least, an appearance problem.

See, George lives on that road. He and his family own undeveloped property on that road. A cynical person (and everyone who knows me will surely stand up and declare I am the least cynical person born) might wonder whether widening and improving that road would pave the way, quite literally, for George’s own subdivision later on.

(Alert readers will note that I wrote “later on” when I could have used yet another weak pun: “down the road.” Admire my self-control.)

At the very least it seems that Muteff opposes the idea of appeals to the Coastal Commission–unless his own interests are threatened.

I can’t read George’s mind to divine his inner motivations but I do note that it appears self-serving and will undermine George’s credibility on this topic for some time to come. He lost more than this appeal.





Video by the California Coastal Comission

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