Second Annual Halloween Driveway Party in Montara

Last night, Halloween night, we held our 2nd Annual Driveway Party and way station, offering food, drinks, movies, and–of course–candy to the beggars in the neighborhood. This year we had even more people stop by than last year–perhaps three hundred or more costumed creatures joined us in our driveway.

For added fun (read: crazy complexity) I decided to shoot pictures (in the dark) of all of the costumes. That was the goal, anyway. I probably on got a fourth of them in the camera due to all the chaos. If I missed you–or didn’t get your shot focused right (memo: figure out better method to focus in the dark)–then better luck next year!

But for those I did get a chance to shoot, and for those who are curious to see what goes on in Montara during Halloween, here are the photographs (click to go to gallery).

To download the full-sized files navigate to the picture you wish to download, then move your mouse onto the image. A menu will appear offering you various sizes in which to view the image. Choose “original.” Then, for Mac users, control-click to to download. For Windows users, right-click.

I hope you enjoyed this Halloween as much as I did!


Photos by Darin Boville

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