The Witch’s House: Knock on the Door

If you missed the Witches’ House this past Wednesday (somewhere on the Coast–remember, don’t tell!) then you missed Halloween. Well, O.K., it’s not that bad but still…

If you did miss it, or if you want to visit again before next year, I offer to you “Knock on the Door”, the last installment of Montara Fog’s The Witch’s House series.

This episode is special in many ways, not the least because I didn’t shoot it! The intrepid Jennifer Merrilees took my camera in hand for the night and did a fantastic job of capturing not only what happened at the Witches’ House but in capturing all the magical moments that only the Witches themselves get to see.

The video was shot in infra-red, which the camera records in hues of green. Infra-red is kind of cool in that the “colors” are all sort of odd–the black witches’ dresses, for example, look more like a cream tone. Eerie!

Thanks to Melanie, the Witch, and her crew and many helpers for a wonderful series. And thanks again to Jennifer–this was all her idea!

Coming tomorrow: Pumpkin Portraits





Video shot by Jennifer Merrilees; edited by Darin Boville

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