The Witch’s House: Pumpkin Portraits

Look at them there, all lined up, waiting to have their portrait taken. Sort of amazing, huh?

The night before Halloween Jennifer and I went again to the Witches’ House–this time with a still camera. Our mission was to capture, in detail, each of the intricate pumpkin carvings that would be scattered throughout the yard the next night.

It is one thing to see the pumpkins in person–a not to be missed experience–but it is hard to really spend time with the pumpkins in the press of the crowd on Halloween night. With these photographs, though, you can take your time. And please do. Admire all of the detail and subtleties.

The panoramic group shot above is a fun way to see them all at once but it is also special for another reason. The middle exposure made at a few minutes after 8:00 pm–the shutter was open during the recent earthquake. Surprisingly the image is blur-free. I guess the ground, the camera, and the pumpkins were all moving together.

Click to see the gallery of pumpkin images.

Pumpkin carvings by Melanie, The Witch, and her sister Rhonda (hint: She’s the other Witch!).


Photographs by Darin Boville.

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