Coastside Fire Protection District, Jan 15 & 17, 2008

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This first segment is the reconvening from closed session to open session, roll call, pledge, no public comment, report out of closed session, no report from IAFF Local 2400 and consent calendar and corrections to minutes.

The second second segment is Agenda Item 9E Televising the Board Meetings. Darin Boville of presented his proposal for video service, compression and web hosting. Several members of the public spoke in favor of video recording and posting on the web. There was also discussion of MCT TV Channel 6. The Board directed staff to work with Mr. Boville on a service contract.

The third segment picks up with the posted agenda sequence 7A Continuing Business, Bylaws. The Bylaws were approved unanimously. Next was a second reading for Community Facilities District # 20 in El Granada.

The fourth segment is 8A New Business: Hiring of new Linestaff. This was the most controversial part of the meeting reviving the issue of CFPD continuing with it’s own employees or contracting with CalFire. Director Mackintosh placed this item on the agenda and introduces it in the very beginning of the segment. Chief Cole said there were indication two of the current nineteen CFPD Linestaff may resign soon. Of note is Legal Council Ms. Sevaree’s opinion that the Appellate Court would likely rule within a matter of a few weeks, after Thursday’s hearing of oral arguments. After much Board discussion, Director Cockrell made a motion to drop the issue. The motion passed five for and three against with Directors Mackintosh, Hosfelt and Draper voting against it (Director Cilia was not in attendance).

The fifth segment is the rest of New Business: Contracting with Belmont/San Carlos for Fire Inspection Services, and formation of ad hoc committees for land and buildings and another for strategic planning. All were approved unanimously.

The sixth segment contains Director’s and Chief’s Reports. The reports are detailed and interesting. There were discussions about the recent storm activities, San Mateo County/CalFire moved up Engines from other parts of the County to Station 44(Point Montara) before the storm in case the highways were cut off, the emergency operations center during the storm, the Volunteers participation in the storm and Mavericks and training and a fairly detailed discussion of the AMR ambulance staging and the Medic 441 backup ambulance that is staying under the control of CFPD. Chief Cole announced promotion of Captain Ari Delay to Acting Division Chief. President Burke also requested a future presentation on Coastside emergency preparedness.

The following four minute segment is of the CFPD Special Board Meeting on Thursday Jan. 17, 2008 at 7:00 PM. The purpose of this meeting was a second reading and adoption of the new Fire Regulations for CFPD. Three of the Directors were absent and I was the only member of the public at the meeting. The new regulations were adopted and go into effect in thirty days. If members of the public have questions about the regulations they should contact Chief Jolley, the Fire Marshal for CFPD.

Vince Williams

Moss Beach

Thanks to Vince Williams for providing us with these meeting summaries and audio recordings

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