Eric Soares, Tsunami Ranger

Kenny Howell: Messing Around in Boats

Eric Soares is one of the founding members of the famous Tsunami Rangers, a kayaking team based in the Bay Area that makes our coastside shores its home base. The Tsunami Rangers have been featured on television and in print far and wide. Their award-winning DVDs are bestsellers. Entire specials have been made about their exploits on National Geographic, Discovery Channel, MTV and many more. Now, reaching perhaps the apex of their fame, one of their members is being profiled here on Montara Fog.

Kenny Howell writes this:

Our sincerest thanks to Eric Soares for giving so generously of his
time, entertaining us with his inimitable style, and infecting us
with his
joi de vive.

We shot this video in October of 2007. The next month Eric underwent a 3rd scheduled heart surgery to
repair a new leak in his aorta and he is recovering well. Without
the operation, his doctors said he could die suddenly; however, the
procedure itself could also kill him!

While Eric got his doctor’s permission to kayak, it was
not necessarily
cart blanche to paddle into ocean rock gardens!
Equipped with his custom made Kevlar life vest, Eric gave me specific
directions not to ram his chest with my kayak; a severe impact would
have been extremely life threatening.


Video by Darin Boville

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