An Evening at Cafe Gibraltar

Ask anyone who lives here “What is the best restaurant on the coast?” and you’ll more often than not receive the answer “Cafe Gibraltar.”

This Mediterranean-styled, El Granada gem isn’t our little secret–it has received glowing reviews from the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Jose Mercury News, the LA TImes, Fodors, and it has one of the highest Zagat ratings in the entire Bay Area.

Owned and operated by the Montara husband and wife team of Chef Jose Luis and manager Liam (both of whom seem possessed of supernatural amounts of energy), Cafe Gibraltar is a must-visit destination for out-of-towners and a lovely local place for residents.

My friend Neil and I went there one night, video camera in hand, to try to capture some of the flavors and aromas of a cooking class that Cafe Gibraltar holds about once a month on a variety of themes. Not only did we get to shoot videotape but much to our glee we also shared in the several courses of “Mediterranean street food” (the theme for the evening). Sometimes having a web page can have its perks.

This video, I hope, will serve as a sort of introduction to Cafe Gibraltar to those who have never had a chance to visit and a enjoyable reminder of its charms for those who haven’t been back recently. In future videos we will take a closer look at wines and the pairing of wines with food, and at where it all begins–a visit to a local organic farm where Jose Luis and Liam purchase some of their ingredients.

Cafe Gibraltar has a well-made web page (click to visit), or just jump right to their menu by clicking here.

You can also learn more about the possibility of joining one of the classes by visiting their classes page.

Cafe Gibraltar is located in El Granada but is a little tricky to find for first-timers. Basically you go to Princeton Harbor but turn the other way, into El Granada, instead. Then make an immediate right onto Avenue Alhambra, running parallel to Highway One. The restaurant is just down that road a bit, maybe a half mile, on your left. Here’s a Google map.

Video by Darin Boville with additional camera work by Neil Merrilees.

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