Coastside Consolidation?

You can download the slides used in this presentation here.

Here’s a quiz I doubt you’ll pass. You may have heard the acronym “LAFCo” in recent weeks–here’s the question: What do the letters in LAFCo stand for? If you guessed “Local Agency Formation Commission” then you really need to run for local office. When you do you’ll find that our very own San Mateo County LAFCo has been busy preparing a report on all those special districts on the coast that we’ve come to love and adore. Special Districts like MWSD, CCWD, GSD, SAM and others.

I won’t quiz you on those.

Of course, anytime people from the County come to the coast they are a little perplexed by our passion/dysfunction (pick one).

This report is no big deal, not at all, and its recommendations are barely catching the attention of our forty-five or so local elected officials. The recommendations include tame moves such as to merge MWSD and CCWD, whose boards are composed of people with wildly divergent political philosophies. Incorporate the whole Midcoast. Annex the Midcoast to Half Moon Bay.

Little things, really.

If you are interested in learning more about all this talk of consolidation this video will provide a good introduction. In it Martha Poyatos (i.e. “the County”) goes over the basics of the draft report (download the pdf of the slides and follow along). Afterwards a dozen or so speakers, almost all elected officials from the coast, give their views.

You might not have heard of LAFCo before today but if the report’s recommendations gain any traction they will soon be topic number one here on the coast, eclipsing even the Beachwood juggernaut. Bookmark this page.

Video by Darin Boville.

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