Half Moon Bay Review publishes map of potential Coastal Trail

Update: The Midcoast Community Council will be discussing walking and biking paths at its May 28th meeting (Seton Hospital meeting room, Moss Beach, 7:30). Details to follow. The MCC is developing ideas to present to the County and community input is greatly encouraged and appreciated.

This past Wednesday the Half Moon Bay Review published a map of the Coastal Trail (which exists in finished form locally only in Half Moon Bay) and its potential extensions, bringing it up from the County boundary all the way into Montara and over Devil’s Slide.

This excellent map was created by the Review’s Bill Murray and I found it so valuable that I thought it might be interesting to share with readers here, too.

Click on the map to download a pdf of Bill Murray’s Coastal Trail map (from the Half Moon Bay Review) and an accompanying article by David Smydra. (You can view just David’s article by clicking here.)

Note that when you open the pdf the text might be too small to read. Not to worry–the graphic is a high resolution one and you can easily zoom in to see the text more clearly. It would make a great poster.

Inset into Bill’s map is a portion of a map from the California Coastal Commission. I had not seen this map before but it is worth a look if you want to see our portion of the Coastal Trail in the context of the entire California coastline.

Click on the map to download a pdf from the California Coastal Commission detailing the entire Coastal Trail.

If you’ve read David’s article and want to “go right to the source” you should look at the following video. The Midcoast Community Council, at the urging of member Neil Merillees, invited new County Parks Director David Holland to give a presentation on the Trail–it’s a valuable, enjoyable presentation and well worth watching. David has a refreshing no b.s. style and a passion for what he does. (Not to mention the half million dollars he has at the ready.)

Click on the photograph to go to the video of David’s presentation.

Finally, Neil Merillees, before the meeting with David Holland, made a video for Montara Fog in an effort to encourage people to attend the MCC meeting. The meeting is over, of course, but in the video Neil travels to a few key junctures along the unfinished Coastal Trail and gives us a “sense of place” that works well combined with the above maps.

Click on the photograph to go to Neil’s video.

Full Disclosure Notice: I just bought bikes for my family so I have my own self-interest partly at heart in writing this article. Maybe it is just me but it seems like it would be nice to be able to bike up and down the Coast with my kids without braving the high-speed traffic of Highway One.

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