Kenny Howell: The Watershed Keeper, Part 1

Tim Sullivan is a happy man. He finally found his dream job after searching the planet a lifetime. Now he holds the keys to a forbidden paradise above Montara.

Many coastsiders know Tim from his days as a ranger at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. Four years ago he landed a cherished position at the Peninsula Watershed as a Watershed Keeper.

I asked Tim if this job was a “keeper”; he replied that it was definitely a “good catch”!

What does a Watershed Keeper do? To find out, we followed Tim for a day in his life – to get a rare and privileged glimpse of a 24,000 acre tract of spectacular open space where man is a visitor, but does not remain.

Special thanks to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission for their permission, enthusiasm, and nearly unfettered access to produce this video profile on one of their employees. The Watershed is notoriously guarded about access, and guided tours have only recently become available to the public. Criticism over lack of recreational access has been much alleviated with the tour program, yet millions of Bay Area residents never have, and never will, see some of the terrain and vistas that Tim shared with us that day.

This is the first part of a multi-part episode.

-Kenny Howell

Editor’s note: The second installment of The Watershed Keeper with Kenny Howell has been published–click here to see Part 2. To see more of Kenny’s videos go to the orange menu at the top of the page, choose “Search” and then “Kenny Howell: Messing Around in Boats.” Or just click here.

Video by Darin Boville

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