MCC: Joel Farbstein asks “Who are you serving?”

The Midcoast Community Council has recently been under fire by citizens, the press, and the Board of Supervisors alike for not being responsive to the community and for generally being irrelevant.

The MCC is trying to change however–but watching it makes one think of those Saber-toothed tigers struggling in some prehistoric tar pit. Will they make it out and continue to be part of the ecosystem or will they succumb and become a fossil-memory, a reminder of a time that was?

There are new ideas at MCC. The idea of themed meetings has proven valuable (the presentation by Parks Director David Holland, just below this article, was one such meeting). And MCC continues to improve and redesign its internal workings–in this very meeting it votes to form a Viability Committee, charged with finding ways to make the MCC more relevant.

These are all significant signs of progress. But people are impatient. This new MCC took office in December of 2007 and it has now been almost six months of talking about committees and bylaws and what the process might be to set the next meeting’s agenda. Government can be slow but does it need to be this slow?

Joel Farbstein, one of the few remaining citizens who attend MCC meetings, was there this past Wednesday and he expressed the frustration with MCC felt by many in the community. It is too slow, too unfocused, too easily distracted.

This first video is Joel’s part. The second video is the entire meeting.

Videos by Darin Boville

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