AB 1991 Passes 43-19 In the State Assembly

Initial vote is 19-12 (less than half the Assembly members voting) but procedural motion makes the final vote total uncertain. It appears that the bill needs 41 votes (a majority of all members) to pass and that the bill has been pulled for now in an attempt to gain more votes from members.

UPDATE: AB 1991 was brought up again at about 4:30 and received 35-14 and, still not having enough votes, the bill was delayed again.

UPDATE: Just back from a three-hour MCC meeting. The Half Moon Bay Review is reporting, in an article by Mark Noack, that AB 1991 passed the Assembly 43-19. The bill needed 41 votes to pass, which it did in its third try at 9:40 tonight.

Video by CalChannel.com

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