AB 1991 Passes Assembly Appropriations Committee

Today AB 1991 , the Assembly Bill that would relieve the Beachwood and Glencree parcel from any future environmental review, passed 9-4 its second major hurdle in the California legislature. (Vote count is according to press reports–I couldn’t tell from the video. Press reports vary from 4-2, 10-5, and 9-4.) The Appropriations committee passed the bill and it will now move to the Assembly Floor and then, if it continues, over the the Senate.

The hearing was attended by Half Moon Bay Mayor Bonnie McClung and Councilman John Mueller as well as by a variety of environmental groups and a representative of the Coastal Commission.

The most interesting part of the hearing revolved around the issue of revisiting the legal constraints on the Beachwood parcel. The Coastal Commission representative said that their analysis indicated that forty-eight homes could be sited on the property, giving weight to the idea that if Half Moon Bay has to pay $18 million for Beachwood and an additional sum for Glencree then they would be able to recoup much of that amount through the sale of the property to another developer (or, ahem, perhaps to the same developer!).

When asked if they would support such a “creative solution” each of the representatives of the environmental groups agreed, the the important caveat that “the Devil is in the details.”

Assemblyman Gene Mullin kept up the good fight for Half Moon Bay, carrying a bill that he admittedly did not see until after the Settlement was reached between Half Moon Bay and Chop Keenan.

Note that technical problems caused two brief “cut outs” in the video. One, approximately three seconds long, is during John Mueller’s brief testimony. The other, about five seconds long, occurs during the introductory remarks of the Coastal Commission representative. Neither problem caused the omission of any significant content.

Video by The California Channel.

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