Briefing Redux: What to do About Beachwood?

In late January, not long after the Walker decision in the Beachwood Affair, and shortly after hiring a new law firm to represent Half Moon Bay, the City Council held a workshop to share with citizens an outline of their thinking on strategies to deal with the $41 million dollar judgment.

Given that Thursday (May 22nd) the California Legislature takes up for the second time AB 1991, described as a “Hail Mary pass” by California Lawyer Magazine, which would remove all environmental and other legal obstacles to development on the Beachwood and Glencree parcels, I thought it appropriate and useful to bring this video back up for review. Seeing it now, after the passage of several months, offers a different perspective than when it was first shown.

To my knowledge, this was essentially the only point in which feedback from the public was sought and in which any insight was offered by Half Moon Bay elected officials about the options facing HMB.

I case you are wondering, although the City’s new law firm had registered as a lobbyist in this matter on January 15–a week prior to this workshop–there was no mention or hint as far as I can tell from the video that one of the options being considered was a legislative move to exempt Beachwood from development laws. Nor was any mention made of Glencree, aside from pointing out in the introduction that in the past the Beachwood and neighboring lots were once owned by the same person.

The workshop is broken into several parts–first an overview of the history of the case, followed by written question from the audience, and then a “brainstorming” session.

Video by Darin Boville

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