Follow Kenny at Molokai

Montara kayaker extraordinaire Kenny Howell is in Hawaii this week competing in the Molokai World Surfski Championship. A surfski is a sort of ocean-going kayak.

The decades old Molokai race is the most famous race of them all, taking the competitors 32 nautical miles from the island of Molokai (surprise, surprise) across the ocean to Oahu.

Want to track Kenny as his makes the four and a half hour trip? Using GPS technology the web page is planning on plotting a map of the race with real-time updates on the position of the contestants.

The tracking information is supposed to be there soon–the race starts around noon, Montara time–but I don’t yet see it posted. When it does come up all you will need to do is enter Kenny Howell’s last name and his boat number–72.

Click here to go to the web page.

Best of luck to Kenny!

Map by

UPDATE: It appears, presumably due to the volume of hits, that Surfski.infi is having trouble loading. All I can suggest is to keep trying…

UPDATE: Surfski is now directing people to a new another web site for direct access to the map. It’s not clear to me yet how to enter Kenny’s name and boat number, though.

UPDATE: Here is Kenny’s position (in green, with the green line) as well as the positions of the other competitors as of 2:02 pm Montara time. Note that it appears they did not all start at the same time so comparisons might be tricky.

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