HMB City Council Covered by Fog…Montara Fog

On December 4, 2007, in her acceptance speech as she was appointed Mayor of Half Moon Bay, just days after the devastating Walker decision in the Beachwood Affair, Bonnie McClung said this about the way forward regarding Beachwood:

We will listen , take time to deliberate, seek outside resources, keep the public informed and involved along the way.

By April 24th, though, even Clay Lambert, the editor of the Half Moon Bay Review, was growing weary of the secrecy:

But, particularly when it comes to Beachwood — the most important issue facing the city, mum is too often the word. The City Council has decided that official comment can come from only three people with ties to the city. And conference calls, with toll-free numbers and passcodes, are not a replacement for a simple chat when the phone rings.

Tuesday’s Half Moon Bay City Council Meeting was nothing extraordinary–there was a discussion of doing “housekeeping” on the legal definitions of ‘wetlands” and some talk about the registration of lobbyists on behalf on Half Moon Bay way back in January, well before the Settlement agreement was reached.

But it did mark a special moment for me. I started filming the City Council meetings in the spring of 2006 and publishing them on the web. In fact it was a City Council meeting that was published on Coastsider and then forced back into obscurity by the lawyer for the local access channel that inspired me to buy my own camera and to offer viewers 24/7 access and a long-term archive of what their government representatives did and said. Later a volunteer–Dana Kimsey, a godsend–took over the filming of the meetings and later still Barry Parr took on the burden of the post-production.

But with this meeting I’ve returned to where I started. With the help of Dana the HMB City Council meetings will continue to be filmed and published on the web, here on Montara Fog.

We will do what we can to “keep the public informed and involved along the way.”

Video by Darin Boville

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