Apologize, Mike

Last Monday, January 26, 2009, at the televised Sewer Authority Midcoast board meeting, MCTV’s Michael Day made a startling accusation.

Immediately before a vote by the board on whether to choose MCTV or Montara Fog for their video services Day accused Director Scott Boyd and I of secretly co-authoring my proposal.

This accusation is as false and insulting as it is reckless.

Montara Fog has at its heart the idea that government on the coast should be more open and transparent to its citizens. For Day to claim such a action on my part challenges the very essence of what I have set out to do on the Midcoast.

His smear was aimed at gaining a contract for MCTV, of which he is secretary and so-called “pro bono” counsel. (Day, when introducing himself often will stress the pro bono nature of his work with MCTV, not mentioning that he is married to the Director of MCTV and thus benefits from the $60,000+ that she pays herself out of their small budget.)

His slander was reckless as well since he did not bother to contact me to investigate his concerns. In fact, as far as I am able to tell, he made no investigation whatsoever. He simply made the unsubstantiated accusation in public.

I demand an apology, and a public one, reaching the same audience on Channel 6 that watched the original reckless slander and that the apology be placed on the MCTV home page.

Apologize, Mike.

Photos by Cheri Parr

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