Big Wave plans now online

The Big Wave project, if built, would be the largest development ever constructed on the San Mateo County coast–larger than the Ritz, although not quite as tall–but it so far has managed to escape the notice of most coastsiders, including those most directly impacted.

San Mateo County is soliciting input on the Big Wave’s facilities plan. Unfortunately, only two copies of the facilities plan were made available to the entire coastside prior to the the recent Midcoast Community Council meeting where Big Wave was the sole topic. Citizens can perhaps be forgiven for not being fully briefed on the details of the proposal. The Big Wave website, although extensive in size, said nothing about the size of the buildings and provides no documents. (Note that the Big Wave website was recently updated and now contains architectural drawings of the business park buildings–congrats to the Big Wave folks for a welcome move toward greater openess.)

Happily, the County has now provided us with the Big Wave draft facilities plan in electronic form which can be downloaded from Montara Fog.

This first link will download the Main text of the document. (It is 102 pages in length and the file is a little over two megabytes to download.)

This second link will download the graphics that are references within the text. These graphics are only for the first chapter of the document–we are trying to obtain the remainder. (There are ten pdf files totaling a little over forty megabytes.)

Thank you to MCC Chair Debroah Lardie and new MCC member Sabrina Brennan for making these files available.

The County is interested in hearing feedback from the public. E-mails should be directed to Camille Leung, the Planning Manager at the San Mateo County Planning Department. Her e-mail address is

Comments need to be in by close of business Friday, February 20th.

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