Notes on Midcoast Parks meeting

[Editor’s Note: Many meetings on the coast are still not televised or recorded for the public, aside from minutes. Sabrina Brenna, who was appointed to the MCC last Wednesday has been serving as the MCC’s representative to the Midcoast Parks Lands, a non-profit that runs El Granada’s Quarry Park, has kindly offered to share her notes of a recent MPL meting.

In my capacity as MCC representative on the MPL board I took the following notes at the January 26th 2009 MPL meeting. My notes do not reflect official MPL meeting notes or minutes.

Dave Holland was at the MPL meeting and he went over the details of Len Erickson’s revised draft Vision Statement for the Midcoast Parks and Recreation Committee.

Dave said a Midcoast Parks & Recreation Government Options Survey would need to be drafted with input from interested parties. The purpose of the survey would be to gather community preferences for Parks & Rec. government structure. Dave mentioned a phone survey as a possibility and said the Midcoast has the following four choices:

1. Form a New Midcoast Parks & Rec. District
2. Go with what he described as the LAFCo recommendation: consolidate MWSD, GSD and Parks & Rec. into one agency
3. Expand County Parks & Rec. services/responsibilities on the Midcoast to better fill the current and future needs of citizens & visitors
4. Grant GSD and MWSD parks powers

Other topics included:

A skate park on the Burnham Strip was discussed at length. Leni Schultz and Gail Erickson voiced concern about the proposed location. The skate park development group will give a presentation at a future MPL meeting. It was unclear who is in the skate park group and if they are in serious discussion with the property owner.

Lisa Ketcham of Pillar Ridge spoke about the need for assistance from property owners regarding invasive plant removal. A group may be formed to address the need for Coastside invasive removal or a group may be formed to focus on Pillar Ridge, Seal Cove and Pillar Marsh Parks & Rec. planning including area specific invasive removal, trails and the proposed Pillar Ridge Marsh Boardwalk.

It appears MPL will have two new presidents and Jim Blanchard will step down to focus on Quarry Park. At the MPL meeting tonight the board was informed that Sandy Emerson would be the new President of MPL and Len Erickson would be the MPL President of Development. Chris Vogel announced she is stepping down as MPL Vice President. It was not clear when the transfer of responsibility will be effective.

Len has a new MPL website in the works and he is also busy developing the new Midcoast Parks and Recreation Committee website.

The MPL meeting schedule will be changing. More on that at the January 28th MCC meeting.

Please see the attached MPL agenda and Len Erickson’s revised Vision Statement for the Midcoast Parks and Recreation Committee.

Sabrina Brennan

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