Big Wave: Not LEED Certified after all

At last month’s MCC meeting developer Jeff Peck presented his plans to build a 300,000 square foot business park and associated Wellness Center on land behind the airport, adjacent to Princeton Harbor.

Peck claimed that the project was Platinum LEED certified. LEED certification is a mark of high environmental distinction in construction and the platinum level is its highest rank.

However, the US Green Building Council, the steward of the LEED certification program, does not list the Big Wave project in its certification database. The project is also not “pre-certified”–a distinction that applies to projects whose plans have been reviewed and approved by the US Green Building Council, subject to a final review of the finished structure.

Big Waves’ plans, in early draft form and subject to change, are not considered ready by the Council for application for LEED certification.

Stephen St. Marie, a member of the Big Wave leadership team acknowledged the issue in an e-mail but pointed out that the project does intend to meet the LEED certification standards and eventually receive certification. He wrote, “…at this stage nothing is certified. It is intended that the project will be LEED
Platinum Certified, and every design criterion to meet that certification will be met. But, you are right, there is no certification yet, nor could there be.”

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