Five hundred turn out to meet with Gordon on clinic closure

Supervisor Rich Gordon held a meeting Monday to update the public on the closing of the Coastside Family Medical Center.

The clinic, which serves eight thousand residents–approximately one third of the community–closed abruptly on Friday. The shock and mystery of the closing, compounded by the near silence from the clinic’s board on the reasons for the closing and the lack of any advance warning, fueled community outrage already stoked to a high level by the poor planning on the clinic’s part to re-assign patients to other doctors and to transfer medical records.

Several member’s of the clinic’s board were in attendance but did not offer to address the crowd of approximately five hundred coastsiders.

Aside from smaller programs run by the County and Seton hospital there are no medical facilities on the coastside.

In this video Rich Gordon attempts to answer community questions, share information on how to get medical care, and listened to the community’s expressions of anger and frustration.

The meeting was held in both English and Spanish with a staffer from Gordon’s office giving the translation initially. Later a member of the audience offered to give the translation. About one third of the audience appeared to be Latinos.

Given the intense interest in this issue I’m offering three versions of the video. The first is the full-length meeting. The second and third have been edited to show just the English and Spanish portions.

Full length meeting (80 minutes)

Spanish only portion of the meeting (25 minutes)

English only portion of the meeting (52 minutes)

Videos by Darin Boville

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