Big Wave traffic study is already done, contrary to claims

When asked about traffic issues relating to Big Wave, the major commercial development proposed for Airport Road, proponent Jeff Peck was evasive, imploring the audience at February’s Midcoast Community Council meeting to put aside that sensitive question until the official Environmental Impact Report (EIR) was complete.

When pressed by MCC chair Deborah Lardie Peck disclaimed any knowledge of what the traffic report might conclude, saying that he was not a traffic engineer and that, again, it was best to wait for the EIR when “we all could see that report.”

Here is a clip of that portion of the meeting:

Montara Fog has learned that the traffic study for Big Wave was performed in June 2008–eight months prior to the MCC meeting where Peck suggested that he did not have specific knowledge of the results of that study. Indeed, it appears that the results from that study form the basis for the information on traffic presented in the existing Big Wave Facilities Plan, dated January 1, 2009, the topic of the MCC meeting.

The Big Wave claims about traffic are highly controversial in that access to the site is limited by narrow, sometimes twisting roads entering at Highway One. Although a 332,000 square foot complex, Big Wave proponents claim that traffic impacts will be minimal (for example, they there will be no significant impact on traffic going over Highway 92 or Devil’s Slide because most if not all employees at the office complex will live on the coastside).

Montara Fog has obtained a copy of this 2008 report and is making it available to the public in pdf format. While the report is already slated to be incorporated into the EIR, making it the official County traffic report on Big Wave, there is still the possibility that additional revisions may be required.

Click here for 2008 study by Hexagon Transportation Consultants.

Click here for earlier version (2007) of this study.

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Video by Darin Boville

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