Member of MCTV? Not for long!

Are you a member of our local “community” cable channel, MCTV? If so, you won’t be for long if MCTV’s Michael Day and his wife Constance Malach have their way.

In an e-mail to members Day announced plans to terminate the MCTV memberships and voting rights. The proposed changes to the bylaws would give MCTV’s board of directors sole power to elect other board members.

Both Mike Day and Constance Malach are board members.

With these changes coastsiders will have no say whatsoever over the structure or operations of the taxpayer-funded channel.

MCTV’s budget was $145,000 in 2008 of which about 99% came from direct and indirect public sources.

MCTV’s proposal will shore up the control the current board has over the station after last year’s competitive election for the MCTV board of directors–possibly the first competitive election in the station’s history.

In 2008 Barry Parr, Scott Boyd and Darin Boville ran a symbolic campaign for open seats on the MCTV board with the goal to push MCTV to modernize–both in terms of technology and its perspective on how to best serve the community.

In her letter to members Malach says, “Eliminating members elections will simplify management of Channel 6, and save significant costs and staff time.”

Regarding last year’s competitive election she remarks, “As you know from our last election, MCTV has also spent a great deal of time and effort responding to the disruptive efforts of a few people.”

Mike Day, in a separate e-mail, writes of “harassing emails, blog entries, and public comments that MCTV officers and staff have received from Mr. Boville and a small number of like-minded individuals for a long time” as further justification for the changes.

(For the record, I have never spoken with Day or Malach on the phone or in person and I have sent only four or five e-mails to them, all short and business-like.–Darin)

The proposed changes to the bylaws are being voted on now by MCTV members. Voting closes April 30th.

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