New Big Wave aerial photos

A reader and a neighbor of the Big Wave site sends in these additional photos of the parcels.

Lisa Ketcham, a twelve-year resident of next-door Pillar Ridge, took three images of the area on August 6th, 2002 from the air.

None of the images show any sign of agricultural activity on the parcels.

Ketcham writes, “In the 2002 photo the spots in the center of the north parcel near Pillar Ridge are a bunch of junk to hide behind like for paint-balling. Then they briefly had something more elaborate (the rectangle seen in 2003). From when I moved here in 1997 till all that junk in the north parcel was removed, there was no cultivation or farming.”

For each of the three images the Big Wave site is outlined in red. A detail image of just the Big Wave parcel is also provided. Full resolution versions are available by clicking here.

Big Wave is the proposed mega-332,000 square foot business park proposed for two parcels of land behind the airport. The large scale of the business park is justified, according to proponents, in order to support up to forty disabled residents of the on-site Wellness Center.

In a prior report here on Montara Fog we published satellite and aerial photos of the site going back to the 1950’s we found that developer Jeff Peck’s claim that the land has been farmed “since the 1930s” to be overstated. None of the photographs prior to Peck and local businessman Steve Barber’s purchase of the property seemed to show any agricultural activity. (We are investigating the possibility that the land was farmed in the 1930s and early 1940s but has lain essentially fallow for the past sixty to seventy years.)

The status of the land, agricultural land versus wetland, will have a large impact on the environmental laws which will apply during the development process–indeed, they will largely determine whether the land can be developed at all.

Photos by Lisa Ketcham

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