New clinic planned; medical record chaos continues


Question and Answer Session

Last Thursday seventy-five residents, many of them former employees of the defunct Coastside Family Medical Clinic, came together in Half Moon Bay to ponder the next steps to clean up the mess left behind by the abrupt closing of the clinic.

The clinic closed without warning on March 13, throwing eight thousand coastide residents into medical care chaos. At the meeting ex-employees of the clinic described a locked building with stacks of medical records still inside–forty-two days after the closure–and no way to get access.

An elderly man in the audience told of how his wife had a biopsy performed at the clinic just prior to its closing. He was instructed then that if the news was bad he would be contacted soon after the test. Nearly six weeks later he learned that the test results had been lost in the shuffle of the clinic closure. The test result was positive for cancer.

One of the clinic’s former doctors explained that part of the reason for the chaos, aside from the lack of any plan by the clinic’s management to make any arrangements for patient care after closing the clinic, is that the clinic is in bankruptcy limbo–not yet officially bankrupt and no judge or trustee has been assigned.

Dr. Grant Weiss, one of the organizers of this meeting, tried to focus on the future and laid out a plan, one he calls “the Phoenix Project,” to build a new clinic on the coast. According to Weiss sources of money have been found which are willing to help provided that the coast moves toward one solution rather than a group of competing solutions.

Weiss is acting as ombudsman for the project. He can be reached at Additional meetings will be held approximately every two weeks.

Although a great effort was made to include Hispanic community members in the meeting few attended. None of the attendees were Spanish-only speakers and the translator was not needed.

(Note that this article previously claimed that none of the board members from the closed clinic were in attendance. A reader points out that board member Mike Laffen was not only in attendance but was in fact the first speaker! Thanks for the correction.)

The meeting video is divided into two parts. The first part is the formal presentation. The second is the question and answer session.

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Video by Darin Boville

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