Weiss: Clinic medical records to be available in 1-3 weeks

Dr. Grant Weiss has been updating the public on Montara Fog’s sister site, True and Sound, on the progress that he and the other members of the Phoenix Project have been making in resolving the many issues left behind by the abrupt closing of the Coastside Family Medical Clinic two months ago.

A post made by Grant yesterday was especially interesting in that is relates a meeting with a trustee of the court regarding the distribution of medical records.

About half of the patients of the former clinic have had their records in limbo and unavailable to them. First it was simply a matter of chaos as the community reacted to the sudden closure of the clinic and attempted to devise a plan to find new doctors for patients. Then patients still needing records were required to wait until the clinic’s lawyers had formally declared bankruptcy (so a trustee could be appointed).

Now there is a trustee and the wheels of the system are starting to slowly turn.

A closure such as that experienced by the clinic is rare and may be the first of its kind in California.

The text of Grant’s post is below–the original can be found at the Clinic Forum on True and Sound.


MEETING WITH TRUSTEE – Members of the Phoenix Project, Dr. Page and Dr. McMillan met with the trustee and her team today. Representatives from the County were also present, as they lease the whole building.

It was a long discussion, mainly regarding our concerns with the medical records, but also touched on equipment, phone messages left on the machine, accounts receivable and creditors.

The trustee is obviously most concerned with the records issue – a top priority for her – she is well aware that close to 4000 patients have been waiting 2 months for their charts. However, she has to start from last week when she was assigned to handle the Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Her chief concern about the charts is maintaining the security and integrity of the records. She listened carefully to what we proposed, raised good points and questions, and will consider what we’ve offered as far as volunteers cataloging, locating, mailing and copying the charts. Unfortunately, she has to present any proposal to the bankruptcy court, a process that can take 1-3 weeks, and nothing can happen till then. So it means more waiting.

While there we noticed the fax machine was out of ink & paper, so please DO NOT USE the old clinic fax number (726-9317). Instead, use ours – 318-3634.

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