Calling all candidates

Don’t like the way our local government boards and councils are run and want to make a change? Do you like the way our local boards and councils a run and want to help them keep at it?

This election season is the perfect opportunity to make a commitment to help make our community a better. There are an unusually large number of seats available on local government bodies–and the deadline for filing for candidacy is drawing near.

How to file?

Your first stop should be San Mateo County’s excellent Shape the Future ( site. It is election-central in the county both for filing and for results in November.

You will then want to download their also excellent Candidate Guide ( which will give you all of the information, forms, and deadlines you need to make your candidacy a reality.

And if only a few candidates run for any given body there might not even be an election and candidates will simply be appointed. That scenario is not uncommon on the coast.

Best of luck to all the candidates in this year’s election.

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