MCC members tangle on ObamaCare; Brennan storms out

(Video provided by MCTV).

In contrast to the health care town hall led by Jackie Speier on Sunday in Montara which exhibited a minimum of acrimony, Wednesday’s Midcoast Community Council meeting dissolved in bitter tensions over health care with one member walking out of the meeting in anger and frustration.

The MCC agenda item started out calmly enough with MCC member Sabrina Brennan reading off a list of health care statistics. It soon became apparent that member Kathryn Slater-Carter did not agree with her assessment of the need for passing Obama’s proposals.

Carter largely monopolized the discussion, spending much of the time reading from Whole Foods CEO John Mackey’s Wall Street Journal Op-Ed where he proposed a set of alternative health care reforms (Click here for Mackey paper). The op-ed has set off a firestorm of protests across the country (Click for article on protests).

At one point in the discussion Sabrina Brennan, clearly frustrated with what she was hearing from Carter, said “I’ve had enough” and walked out of the room. Carter then continued calmly quoting from the Mackey paper.

Leonard Woren joined in supporting Carter on many of her points though the other MCC members remained largely silent during the discussion.

The video is approximately thirty minutes long.

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