Big Wave hearing, this Wednesday, public invited

An important hearing by the San Mateo Planning Commission takes place on Wednesday morning on the Big Wave project.

The hearing is billed as an “informational hearing” by which they mean that the five members of the Commission will listen to short speeches given by members of the public. As this hearing may be crowded each participant will likely be given only three minutes or less to speak.

The Big Wave developer is actively encouraging it supporters to attend and opponents of Big Wave are hoping hoping for a good turnout as well.

The specific topic of the meeting is the Big Wave environmental report and many of the citizen comments will no doubt relate to technical aspects of the proposal. But it its also likely that the Board of Supervisors, which will look at the proposal and public feedback early next year, will be trying to get a sense of the public support or opposition to this project and thus even non-technical comments would be a valuable addition to the record.

The meeting starts at 9:00 am on Wednesday, at 400 County Center in the government center in Redwood City. Citizens should arrive by 8:30 to maximize their chance of getting a seat. Parking can be in short supply so plan to carpool if possible.

Click here for a Google Map showing the location.

Note that this story has been updated to correct an error: The hearing is being held by the Planning Commission, which advises the Board of Supervisors and meets in the same chambers. The meeting is not being held by the Board of Supervisors itself. Thanks to a alert reader for pointing out the error.

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