Big Wave review period extended two more days, to Dec. 24th

UPDATED 2:34 pm

After learning that the distributed copies of the Big Wave environmental report were missing a key chapter on water issues, the County has extended the review period two additional days. The new review period will end on December 24th, Christmas Eve.

You can download the announcement from the County Planning Department here.

The notification process for the Big Wave Office Park/Sanitarium proposal has been plagued with difficulties.

At the recent MCC meting on November 4th Lisa Grote, County Director of Planning and Building, announced that the review period would be extended from forty-five days (December 7th) to sixty days (December 22nd) due to unusually high public interest in the project.

Later in that same meeting a missing chapter on key water issues was discovered in the printed copies of the report that was mailed to elected officials and citizens (and later also found in the “all-in-one” downloadable report available online). That chapter was restored to the online version on November 6th and was said to be mailed out to recipients of the paper version today.

There have been calls for the comment period to be restarted, giving citizens sixty days from when the missing chapter was made available, which would put the end of the comment period at approximately January 11th, eighteen days more than is currently alloted.

In addition, the County announcement reads “The public review period has been extended from 45 days to 64 days…”, yet sixty-four days from the start of the review period (October 22nd) is December 25th, Christmas Day. Montara Fog has contacted the County and is awaiting clarification.

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UPDATE: Lisa Grote announced in an e-mail today:

At the Midcoast Community Council meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 4, it was brought to my attention that the hard copies of the Draft EIR for the Big Wave project and the compiled version of the document on the Planning Department website did not include Chapter IV. N. After consulting the CEQA statute and our legal counsel, we are extending the public review period to the close of business on Thursday, December 24, 2009. This extension means that the previously missing Chapter will be available for public review for 45 days and the bulk of the document will be available for 62 days. The project planner, Camille Leung, has corrected the on-line version and mailed copies of the chapter to all agencies and individuals that received a copy of the DEIR. She is also distributing an amended Notice of Availability to all parties on the mailing list.

The Planning Commission will hold an informational hearing on Wednesday, Nov. 18 in the Board Chambers at 9:00 a.m. as previously planned.

Regarding the confusion over the Christmas Eve versus Christmas Day and the 62-day period mentioned in Grote’s e-mail versus the 64-day period mentioned in the Notice of Availability she clarifies, “Whether it’s 62 or 64 days is not the relevant point, the close of the comment period is Dec. 24th at the close of business.”

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