Big Wave won’t show size of project during comment period, only afterward

UPDATED: Click here for text of Big Wave’s refusal to build story poles.

The Big Wave developers want to show you how big their project is–but only after it is too late for you to do much about it.

Opponents of Big Wave, the large commercial development under the bluffs behind the airport, have been waiting to see the story poles–the wooden frame and oranges mesh “buildings”–for this project, convinced that once the general public sees the Big Wave story poles towering over all of the other structures in the area they would realize how far the developer was over-reaching. They expected an outcry from the public when it was plainly obvious that the project would have large, negative impacts on the community.

Negotiations with the County over the story poles ended today with the developer refusing the build the story poles until after the public comment period is over. Instead, they will build them just prior to the County decision-making hearings in early 2010.

The developer cites four reasons for their refusal:

1) The cost of building the poles (which they estimate at $80,000) is too high.
2) Building the poles will disrupt the planting of the winter crop.
3) There is no legal mandate requiring the story poles.
4) The computer renderings in the environmental impact report are a good substitute.

The developer did not indicate how or why any of these factors would be any different two months later, in February of 2010, when they have offered to build the story poles. The only difference appears to be that by building them then versus now they avoid revealing the size of the structures during the public comment period of the environmental impact report. The comment period ends December 7th.

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