Chapter N Returns

The online version of the Big Wave environmental report has been quietly corrected. A new version of the “all-in-one” download of the report was posted on Friday which now includes the missing “Chapter N” on water issues.

The public comment process for Big Wave’s environmental report has been fraught with difficulties: the refusal of the developer to erect story poles to illustrate for the public the size of the project, the discovery that a key chapter was missing from the printed copies of the report, the limiting of the notification area to the largely uninhabited land in the immediate project vicinity, and the realization that the online version of the report was also missing the chapter on water issues.

The online download section of the county page has included Chapter N as a separate download but until Friday the single document version was missing this chapter.

The County now plans to mail out Chapter N as an addendum to the report to those decision-makers and citizens who received the incomplete paper versions. The mailing will begin tomorrow, November 9.

The decision on what, if anything to do in terms of extending or restarting the public comment period Lisa Grote, County Director of Planning and Building, says that her office is “looking into the ramifications of not having Chapter N in the originally distributed documents.” She hopes to have a decision tomorrow.

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