Environment Report missing key chapter in both printed and online versions

A key chapter on water issues is missing from the Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Big Wave project, in both the print and online versions, raising doubts about the legality of the current review period.

The Big Wave development, which includes a 225,000 business park and an adjoining 75,000 sanitarium, is currently in a public comment period. A small number of printed copies or the report have been distributed to the coastside for public review and copies have been given to elected officials involved in the approval process. None of these copies appear to contain the missing chapter.

At Wednesday’s Midcoast Community Council Meeting, Paul Perkovic, a member of a local water board, pointed out that a key chapter on water issues was missing–making the report impossible to review.

Lisa Grote, the County Director of Planning and Building who was making a presentation to the MCC on the Big Wave proposal, expressed grave concern and said that the missing chapter might require that the current review phase be re-started from the beginning once corrected versions were made available.

Her relief was visible when meeting participants saw that the missing chapter was available online.

However, further investigation by Montara Fog has shown that the missing chapter is only available in the chapter-by-chapter download section of the county web page. The all-in-one pdf file for the whole report–the version most likely to be utilized by citizens and officials wanting to review the project–is also missing that key chapter.

The Big Wave project appears to be in the MWSD water district, which has no water available to the project.

The public comment period on the environmental impact report began October 22nd and is currently scheduled to end December 22nd.

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