Text of Big Wave’s refusal to build story poles

Text of Big Wave’s refusal to build story poles during comment period:

(Received by the County on 10/27/09)

Big Wave will not yet construct story poles for the following reasons:

1. There is no legal justification for this request. The County’s job is to ensure that we are following the CEQA process, not to grant every senseless request of every interested party.

2. Placing story poles on the property now will disrupt the planting of our winter crop. If we cannot plant our winter crop, our farmers will be out of work, causing their families significant economic hardship.

3. Story poles for a project of this size is a small construction project that would cost us well over $80,000 in parts, labor, and the loss of our winter crop. Since story poles rarely last through the Coastside’s winter months, we would have to pay to construct the poles again during the February hearings.

4. We already spent a significant amount of money on visual renderings for the DEIR. To understand the size of the project, interested parties may refer to these drawings.

Nicole DeMartini
Big Wave Project
Director of Public Affairs

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