Were you notified about Big Wave?


Map of the Big Wave notification area. The red ring indicates the five hundred foot radius notification area, the blue area inside the ring is the Big Wave development site. The Pillar Ridge mobile home park is in the upper left quadrant of the image, Princeton Harbor is right of center.

Were you notified? The red-tailed hawk just stared when he was notified. He didn’t blink. The vole seemed nervous at the news, twitched its nose as if it couldn’t decide if these tidings were good or bad. Across the fence at the airport the bobcat seemed especially skittish, eyeing the undeveloped land with a cynical gaze.


The Big Wave project notification area includes mostly uninhabited fields and bluffs. The County is required to notify neighbors of any development project. If a neighbor is building a house, for example, everyone within three hundred feet is alerted by a mailing from county staff detailing the project and inviting them to comment. These same rules apply to Big Wave, the large commercial business part/sanitarium proposal, sited under the bluffs adjacent to Ross’ Cove, next to the airport in Moss Beach.

In fact, given the size of the project the notification radius was extended to five hundred feet–which in this case includes half of the PIllar Ridge mobile home park, part of the Princeton Harbor area, and swaths of bluff and fields. Given that the developer has refused to put up story poles on the site (those wooden frame mock-ups with orange netting) which would have alerted residents not in the limited notification area that something was going on at the site, it is no surprise that most coastsiders seems completely unaware of the proposal, even though it is well on it way in the approval process. Graphic by Darin Boville, based on a photo from Google Maps

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