Newly elected Directors take seats on Fire Board

The three recently elected Directors of the Coastside Fire Protection District took their seats on Wednesday. Gary Burke and Ginny McShane won re-election while Gary Riddell, who received the largest share of votes on the coastside, won a seat on the Board.

Board member JB Cockrell was not re-elected while members Lane Lees and Bruce MacKimmie did not seek re-election

The CFPD Board of Directors is in a transitional period after the merger of the Half Moon Bay and Point Montara fire departments. After the merger there were nine directors. With this election the board shrinks to seven directors. Next election it will reach five members, its final size.

Chris Cilia was chosen by the directors as the new President, with Gregg Hosfeldt serving as Vice-President and John Draper serving as Secretary.

Click here to go to the video of the meeting.

Directors of the Coastside Fire Protection District, in alphabetical order:

Gary Burke
Chris Cilia — President
John Draper — Secretary
Gregg Hosfeldt — Vice-President
Doug Mackintosh
Ginny McShane
Gary Riddell

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