Do you see the tsunami?

The intrepid staff of Montara Fog braved rain and muddy trails, hiking up to the bluffs above Ross’ Cove next to the Air Force station to videotape the incoming tsunami.

What would it look like? Would anything be visible to the naked eye?

This video captures in high-speed the surf from about 1:10 pm today to about 1:40 pm. It is sped up by a factor of sixty so the half hour period races by in about thirty seconds. By speeding the film up patterns in the surf that might be invisible to a viewer on the scene might be more obvious.

Click on the image to play the video.

Standing there in person it seemed the surf became unusually heavy as we set up and started filming but it was difficult to say. The tide, during the period captured by the video, was going out.

The sleepy harbor seals are awoken by what appears to be a surge in the surf.

Video by Darin Boville. Photo by Lori Boville.

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