The MCC is looking for one new member

The Midcoast Community Council, the advisory body to the county’s Board of Supervisors, is looking for one additional member.

The MCC has seven seats but only six are currently filled, including two of those which were held by departing members during the recent election.

Due to the change in members–half of the current members are recent additions to the Council–the “chemistry” of the Council appears to have changed. You can view the recent meeting to see for yourself.

The current members are:

Neil Merrilees (Chair)
Len Erickson (Vice-Chair)
Leonard Woren (Secretary)
Deborah Lardie
David Vespremi
David Hankin

The application process is a simple one. Go to the county’s MCC page and click on the “application” button. Fill it out and that is it.

Assuming you are a midcoast resident you will then have an opportunity to be interviewed by the MCC (its views are not binding) and then by a representative of the Board of Supervisors. The Board will make the final choice.

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