Video of San Mateo County’s Charter Review Committee, February 23, 2010

The county is providing video of the Charter Review Committee meetings–the first one was posted this evening. The committee will be examining core questions relating to governance in San Mateo County including the question of whether members of the Board of Supervisors are to be elected by county-wide vote (as is currently the case) or whether each should be elected from separate districts.

The video of the meeting, located at the county’s web site, may not be playable on older machines or by those with slower connections. Montara Fog is currently re-processing the video to allow it to play on a larger percentage of viewer computers. It will be posted here shortly.

Click here to see the video on the county web page.


Many viewers will find that this version of the video will play more smoothly on their machines.

Video courtesy of San Mateo County.

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