Comcast continues to expand its hi-def offerings over-the-hill, not on the coast


Comcast had added two more HD channels to its lineup which now number over one hundred. The pace has increased of late:

Comcast has added more than 80 new channels in the San Francisco Bay Area in the last few months after completing a digital migration which offered digital upgrades to Standard Cable customers to migrate from analog to digital, and converted channels 35 and above to a digitally delivered format.  Comcast’s digital upgrade reclaimed analog bandwidth to allow the company to provide more products and services to customers, such as faster Internet speeds, more networks, dozens of international and multicultural language channels, and more ON DEMAND content. 

However, none of this matters to the coastside where Comcast relies on old technologies without HD capability.

Then again, the new channels just added are the Hallmark channel and the Home Shopping Network. Maybe we’ll just have to learn to live without broadcast HD.

You can read the entire press release here.

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