MCC meeting to focus on Charter Review, Mavericks safety, this Wednesday at 7:30 in Moss Beach

The Midcoast Community Council will meet this Wednesday, March 3. The Council will be:

• Interviewing any candidates who have applied for the one vacant seat.

• Considering writing a letter to the County’s Charter Review Committee offering a coastal perspective. The Charter Review Committee is looking at fundamental issues of county governance, including the possibility of changing our at-large elections to district-based elections. The next meeting of the Charter Review Committee will be March 10th in Half Moon bay.

• Asking for public input on safety issues related to the Mavericks surf contest.

• Asking for input on the recent wildfire report.

• Updating the public on the Big Wave development.

• Exploring the idea of developing a new website for the MCC.

Montara Fog will film this meeting of the MCC but in order to have your voice heard you should consider attending. The meeting starts at 7:30 and is held in the meeting room just past the emergency room doors at Seton Hospital in Moss Beach. There are two parking lot areas. The lower area is closer to the doors but is reserved for emergency room use. The upper lot is only slightly further away and is available for meeting attendees.

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