To catch a crab: A day in the life of crabber Jerry Pemberton

Every wonder what it takes to catch a crab?

Eric Louie in the Contra Costa Times profiles a day in the life of a local crabber Jerry Pemberton, deputy harbormaster at the Pillar Point Harbor.

From the Contra Costa Times:

It is still dark as Jerry Pemberton uses radar and other instruments to navigate through Pillar Point Harbor, and then the ocean. The surroundings slowly become visible with the rising of the sun, but all there is to see on this slightly foggy morning is water, passing birds, other fishing boats in the distance and a dolphin.

Before reaching their traps, Pemberton, with his son at the wheel, chops up bait — a frozen block of sardines. Water runs in and out over the deck, coming and going through holes on the side of the boat.

A ship computer stores the general location of where Pemberton laid the traps, or pots, which have orange and black buoys attached. Using a gaff, Pemberton grabs the rope attached to a trap and feeds it into a winch that pulls up the 100-pound traps from 250 feet below.

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There is also an excellent video, The Catch to accompany the article:

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