Tunnel on track for Fall 2011 opening

The Devil’s Slide Tunnel is on track for a Fall of 2011 opening, according to a representative of Supervisor Rich Gordon’s office. The tunnel is being bored through Montara Mountain from south to north. The twin tunnels are each over 75% complete. Digging began in September of 2007.

This Spring work will begin on the north face in Pacifica to prepare for the breakthrough. The bridge portion of the project, also in Pacifica, was completed in September of 2008.

In a recent article Julia Scott wrote about her experiences inside the tunnel.

From Julia Scott’s article on MercuryNews.com:

Powerful fans circulate oxygen through the tunnels, allowing workers to breathe in spite of being enveloped by a mountain that stretches 656 feet above the rock they’re standing on. The fans can’t mask the smell, though — a combination of diesel exhaust and paint from the curing compound applied to the concrete.

“There’s a lot of chemicals in here. That’s what tunnels smell like,” shrugged Ramirez.

For 10 hours a day, this is the only world workers inhabit. They don’t get out to see daylight. They take meal breaks at a picnic bench in one of the tunnel’s cross-passages.

Be sure to click on the small photograph for a short slideshow.

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