County ponders differences with Coastal Commission over LCP, decides to try again for solution

Today at the Board of Supervisors discussed the update of the Local Coastal Plan. This
has been ongoing for 10 years now and there was some thought that it was finally
going to be resolved one way or another.

For people who havenʼt been following this issue, the San Mateo County Board of
Supervisors and the California Coastal Commission have been playing hardball politics
for the last couple of years. The Board came up with a (LCP) plan, the Coastal
Commission responded with an alternate plan, The Board revised their plan a little, the
Coastal Commission revised their plan a little, and they still ended up pretty far apart,
which is where they are now.

At this meeting the Board was presented with four options:

1. Accept the Coastal Commissionʼs changes (and be prepared to defend them in
2. Reject the changes entirely, and go back to our old outdated LCP
3. Reject the changes, and have county planning staff start the process all over again.
4. Ask for a time extension from the Coastal Commission (they have until June)

They heard from all of the usual parties, and I have to say, that most of the comments
were very reasonable, and measured. I think there was a general tone of sadness and
exasperation that this hasnʼt come to a better conclusion, rather than the usual anger.

In the end the Board of Supervisors felt that there were some issues they felt they just
couldnʼt accept (as once they are adopted by the Board, they become the countyʼs
problem to defend, not the Coastal Commission’s). They voted to try to meet with the
Coastal Commission, and negotiate one more time before June. Stay tuned.

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