Dredge the harbor, save the beaches?

Brian Overfelt wants to dredge the harbor–and he makes a compelling case. Sand buildup in the harbor is, he says, caused by a faulty design of the stone walls that protect the harbor waters from the open ocean. The harbor area can no longer be flushed of its sand by the natural currents and the energy of the incoming ocean waves is reflected back on adjacent beaches causing an unnatural rate of erosion. Redesigning the harbor might solve the problem, as might other solutions, but these ideas are slow to implement and expensive.

The short-term answer? Dredge the harbor and put the sand back on the breaches as a counter to the erosion while we ponder the long term solutons.

Brian presents photographic evidence to support his case and has been working with government and private organizations to push this proposal forward. You can learn more about Brian and his efforts at his excellent web site DredgetheHarbor.com.

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